Backyard Rink time is coming...

Backyard Rink time is coming...

As the nights grow cooler and the long, warm days of summer slowly wane, it's the perfect time to turn your thoughts toward the exciting world of hockey, skating, and creating your own backyard rink!

Our Hockey Rink Kit (see picture below) has been generating a lot of interest lately. It's a comprehensive kit that includes 16-inch Puck Board, providing you with the authentic feel of an outdoor arena right in your own backyard. The kit offers various setup options, including the ability to add lights and netting, making it a truly unique and versatile solution. Explore the product in more detail by following this link.

When it comes to setting up outdoor rinks, taking advantage of the pleasant autumn weather is a smart move. It's much more enjoyable to assemble the structure in milder temperatures, especially once all the summer lawn maintenance is wrapped up.

However, here's the crucial part: be patient. Wait for the ground to freeze thoroughly and experience an extended period of freezing temperatures before installing your rink liner and filling it with water. Patience is a virtue when you're in the business of building rinks - the cold weather will eventually arrive!

The RinkMaster Team

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