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RinkMaster CAN

Hockey Rink Kit


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Create your very own authentic hockey rink! For more pictures and assembly instructions click here.

RinkMaster has partnered with TojaGrid to bring hockey rinks to backyards all across Canada.  With a simple bracket system coupled with your locally purchased 4x4 lumber, you can be playing a great game of shinny in your own backyard in no time.  Choose the upgraded Deluxe system with Puck Board and Kickplate to complete the ultimate wintertime backyard.

*Lumber not included*

Basic System includes:

  • Brackets and screws
  • RinkMaster 6 mil bright white Rink Liner

Choice System includes:

  • Brackets and screws
  • RinkMaster 6 mil bright white Rink Liner
  • Puck board (16" x 48" white panels)
  • RinkMaster Decal

Deluxe System includes:

  • Brackets and Screws
  • RinkMaster 6 mil bright white Rink Liner
  • Puck board (16" x 48" white panels)
  • 6" yellow kickplate
  • FloodMaster
  • Two 36" Pond Hockey Nets
  • RinkMaster Decal

Custom your rink size: we offer four stock sizes,  but if your space requires something specific, we've got you covered.  Just drop us an email and we'll provide a personalized quote within hours!

Tools required for setup:

  • Chop Saw or Circular Power Saw
  • Impact Driver or screwdriver with Robertson head

Features of the RM Hockey Kit

  • Simple design to enable quick setup, even after the ground is frozen
  • Strong system to support large ice rink block.  Ability to easily integrate benches for lacing up skates or taking a breather from the action.
  • Perfect structure to easily enable protective netting around perimeter
  • Excellent reusability of lumber and brackets

Sustainability and Quality: Our brackets, puck board, and rink liner are all proudly made in Canada, ensuring top-notch quality and eco-consciousness. You can also look forward to reusing lumber and brackets for seasons to come.

Don't miss out on creating unforgettable winter memories. Get your RM Hockey Rink Kit today and turn your backyard into a true hockey haven!