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Rink Liners

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Choose RinkMaster Rink Liners!
RinkMaster liners are 20% thicker than the competition's 5 mil, 7 ply liners.  That's why we sell more rink liners than anyone else in Canada.  Insist on 6 mil rink liners!

All RinkMaster liners are the actual size stated.  A 20' x 40' liner measures 20 feet wide and 40 feet long.  For example, if your rink size is 20' x 40' then you will need a rink liner that is at least 24' x 45'.

All RinkMaster Liners are bright white on both sides, and are 6mil.   Our liners are one single sheet with no seams, welds or weaves.  We can ship large custom sizes up to 60x200.  Email us for a quote.

All liners include a 10" strip of our patch tape in case of any minor mishaps when laying out the liner. Included is a sheet with instructions and set up tips to ensure you take all the right steps when setting up your rink!

See our Rink Liner care tips here

If you are ordering a replacement rink liner for a RinkMaster kit you will need to order a liner that is larger than the kit dimension.   This chart for Replacement Liners will help you determine what size liner to order for your previously purchased RinkMaster rink kit.