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RinkMaster now offers 4 different sizes of netting!

Keep the balls in play this season with RinkMaster’s heavy-duty backstop sports netting! Install our netting to avoid broken windows and keep the balls and pucks in play. RinkMaster offers 4 different sizes of netting to provide the right fit for your area of play.

  • Prevent balls from flying over fences
  • Say goodbye to ball-searching expeditions in your neighbour’s yard. This netting keeps balls in play!
  • Easy to attach to your structure (posts, trees or nearby fences or sheds) to keep the game in your yard
  • UV treated and stabilized for long lifespan. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Knotted style netting finished with 1/4 “ perimeter rope boarder

    5' x 20'  -  5lbs

    10' x 10'  -  5lbs

    10' x 20'  -  8lbs

    10' x 30'  -  11lbs

    Colour Black
    Square Mesh Size 1.5 inches