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36" Pond Hockey Net


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Keep pond hockey safe!

Ensure the safety and enhance the joy of your backyard rink experience with the RinkMaster Pond Hockey Net goes beyond the ordinary. Engineered with premium materials and designed to last, this net brings a whole new level of reliability to your games.

  • Built to Last: The net frame is meticulously crafted as a single-piece welded schedule 40 steel, eliminating any need for bolts, screws, or other fasteners. Our net weighs a sturdy 25 lbs, ensuring it can withstand rough weather and rigorous use. Rest assured, this net is built to endure and will serve you for generations to come.
  • Perfectly Sized: With a net opening of 36" wide by 12" high, our goal ensures an ideal fit for pond hockey games, giving you more opportunities to practice your skills, while helping keep the game safer by providing an incentive to keep shots low.
  • Eye-catching Design: Not only does our net perform exceptionally, but it also looks great on the ice. With a high-quality red powder coating and heavy-duty white netting, it's a net that exudes quality and style.
  • Ready to Go: Our net comes pre-tied with heavy gauge netting, so it's ready to use straight out of the box! No need to waste time setting it up; you can start enjoying the game immediately.

Experience the thrill of pond hockey with our RinkMaster Pond Hockey Net. It's not just fun—it's safe fun. Invest in a net that will endure your most enthusiastic games and provide countless memories on the ice. Make your pond hockey experience unforgettable with the RinkMaster Pond Hockey Net!